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Our office will be closed from June 14th to July 5th, 2019 due to work abroad. We are currently booking surveys for the week of July 8th and beyond. During this period we will have limited phone and internet access. If you would like to receive a survey quote, please click on the “Survey Quote “ button and fill out the survey quote request form. We will reply with a quote as soon as possible.

Marine Surveyors and Consultants - Chesapeake, Virginia

Capt. F.K. Lanier Specializes in:

> Marine Surveys - Power, Sail, Recreational
& Commercial (Wood, Fiberglass, Steel, Aluminum)

> Corrosion Surveys
> Hull & Deck Moisture Readings
> Ultrasonic Hull Testing
> Vessel Monitoring & Caretaker Services
> Marine Electronics Installations 
> Vessel Familiarization Training
(Learn how your systems work & what to do when they don’t)

> USCG Small Passenger Certification Assistance
(Specializing in USCG Inspected Vessels)

> FCC Electronics Inspections
> Vessel Response and Security Plan Development
> Yacht Delivery (USCG Master-100GT)


Contact Information:

Telephone: (757) 287-3770