Blue Sea Systems Product Recall

Blue Sea Systems, a world wide manufacturer and distributor of marine electrical products, has issued a voluntary recall of their T-1 Circuit Breakers sold between August 2001 and May 2003 due to a potential fire hazard. According to the company's website, the safety defect may allow the unit's contacts to be welded together if the circuit breaker handle is held in the "ON" position once tripped. If the contacts weld together and the short circuit is not corrected, sufficient heat may be generated to damage adjacent material, presenting a possible risk of fire. Although USCG recall campaign No. 030062T requires the replacement of the circuit breaker as soon as possible, the risk of contact welding in the interim can be reduced (but not eliminated) by taking the following actions:
  1. If the T-1 Circuit Breaker should trip before being replaced as part of this recall, do not reset the T-1 Circuit Breaker until it is verified that the overload current has been corrected.
  2. Do not use the T-1 Circuit Breaker as a switch

Boaters owning surface mount (Part No. 7120 through 7133) or panel mounted versions of the breaker (Part No. 7020 through 7033) can request free replacements at the company's website or by calling Blue Sea Systems at (800) 222-7617. Be prepared to provide both part and serial number for each breaker to be replaced.