USCG Auxiliary asks boaters to be careful when purchasing charts

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary is cautioning boaters to verify the nautical charts they’re purchasing are current, this after several reports of retail chart sellers selling out-of-date charts.  Proper up-to-date nautical charts are a crucial first step for any cruise, whether around local waters or beyond – without them, boat, crew, and passengers face increased risks while underway.

     NOAA (the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) is responsible for producing nautical charts in the US and boaters are urged to visit their website ( and verify the chart they’re buying is the latest edition.  The statement also recommends boaters visit the United States Coast Guard’s Navigation Center website ( for their weekly postings of current Local Notice to Mariners.

     For more information on boating safety and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, visit their website at .