Survey says: Boating equals healthier kids

 Need another excuse to get the kids out on the water?  According to a recent survey conducted for the National Marine Manufacturers Association, children who go boating are both physically and psychologically healthier than those who don't.

       In a random, online survey of 1,004 parents (half with children who boated regularly and half with those who didn't) conducted by Impulse Research Corp, 71 percent of the responding boating families reported having healthier children, as compared to 61 percent of non-boating families.

       The results of the survey indicated that in addition to the physical benefits, active participation in boating also played a significant role in the psychological and social development of children.  Almost two-thirds of responding boaters (63 percent) indicated their children are team players (compared to 53 percent of non-boaters) and more optimistic and self-confident overall (52 percent ad compared to 43 percent).

        Seventy-five percent also stated their children were leaders in their social groups, as compared to 65 percent of children from the non-boating families surveyed.