Wiring For Safety

The best thing you can do to keep your boat from going up in flames is take good care of its wiring and appliances. A study by BoatU.S. Insurance found
that electrical problems caused more than half (55%) of all onboard fires.
Nothing else came close. Overheated engines and transmissions were responsible for only 24 percent of the fires while causes such as fuel leaks and stoves were in the single digit percentages.

The study, highlighted in the July issue of Seaworthy Magazine, analyzed
hundreds of claims from BoatU.S. files over two years.
When fire breaks out onboard, boaters have “nowhere to go but in the water,” says Chuck Fort, Seaworthy's associate editor, “So understanding how fires start and what can be done to prevent them is even more important.”

The full report is available at http://BoatUS.com/Seaworthy.